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Do you accept walk-in clients?

Although we are appointment based, we are able to accept walk-in clients if availability allows. We suggest giving us a call to check our availability. Same-day appointments are also accepted online.

Why does pricing vary among service technicians?

We offer a tiered pricing structure based on the experience level of the service provider. The levels are as follows:

Level I providers are in training and may offer discounted services while they are adapting to our services. All new members of the team start out at level 1 regardless of prior experience.

Level II providers are competent in our procedures and perform quality services at our base pricing. 

Level III providers have accumulated several years of experience and have obtained continuing education. Providers at this level take part in mentoring those in previous levels and offer above-average pricing.

Apprentice-level providers are students who have completed 300 theory hours and are completing 300 practical hours in a salon setting as required by the Tennessee State Board of Cosmetology. Apprentice student services are discounted and supervised. Prior to offering these services, students undergo the same training as a Level I service provider.

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